Making All Voices Count

Developments in technology and innovation mean that government and citizens can interact like never before. Globally, citizens have fast-increasing access to tools that enable them to monitor government performance and express their views on government performance in real time. Making All Voices Count is about seizing this moment to promote transparency, fight corruption, empower citizens, and harness the power of new technologies to make government more effective and accountable. By making grants to support innovation and technology that has the potential to support better governance. Through research that helps to build a base of evidence about what works and why in using innovation for accountable governance. Working with policy makers, opinion formers and influencers to ensure that our learning contributes has impact across the sector.

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Infosol Technologies

We have proven our worth as one of the best digital technology companies in Ghana and our rich experience in this domain has won us several local and international recognitions and accolades. With the increasing mobile technology penetration in Africa, opportunities are vast and the potentials are endless; not only for private businesses but in governance as well. Digitizing the public sector and government content is a leap into the future and for Infosol, our objective is to provide the integrated technical solutions which will facilitate information flow and digital content management and delivery including the added benefit of harnessing a large consumer segment.

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