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OilJourney is a service that seeks to propel the Ghana government’s open data initiative by serving the general citizenry with edible and comprehensive oil and gas data. We are pursuing accountability, transparency and probity of the allocation and utilization of oil and gas revenue in our dear country by bridging the communication gap that has long existed between the masses and the managers of one of Ghana's larget natural resource finds.

It is common knowledge that the Ghanaian populace has limited or even worse, close to no idea of how and what the proceeds of what should have been a blessing to the country is used for.

We at OilJourney, thus seek to empower citizens to hold accountable, the government and stakeholders, as well as track the acclaimed projects in the various communities, these revenue are being used to execute.

With our Mobile, SMS and Voice mail technology translated in the various local languages, citizens are empowered to access information, confirm and report the state of these projects and fund allocations, thus get involved in the ongoing dialog.

Empowering communities in Ghana

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Open Data

We are on a mission to create the richest oil and gas data repository which will be publicly accessible in comprehensive formats, in support of the government's Open Data Inititative.

Open Dialog

We are initiating an open conversation with the key stakeholders of the oil and gas sector so that citizens' questions regarding resource allocation and utilization can be answered.


Oil and gas resources belong to the state and the communities in which they are explored should benefit the most. We are ensuring the national cake is justly and evenly distributed.


We are empowering citizens, advocacy groups and public accounts committees to verify and question the accounting, allocation and utilization of oil and gas revenue.


Accountability should promote tranparency and trust in governance. Citizens should have empirical evidences of progress of developmental projects being undertaken with oil and gas revenue.


We believe public data shouldn't be rare and expensive to access. This is why we go a step further to translate oil and gas data into the major local languages, with multiples channels of access.